How do you clean your home?

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How do you clean your home? If you are anything like me I have been using antibacterial products for years and doing this time I have never really considered the impact they may be having on the environment, my family’s and pet’s health. Using antibacterial products was giving me confidence that I was cleaning the best I could by killing all bad germs that could make me and my family ill.

In the last few months I have learnt that whilst killings all those bad germs I have also been killing the good germs too. I never considered the good germs. I never considered how essential good germs are to our survival. I never knew only a small percentage (10%) of all germs are bad and the rest are good.

In the last few months I have have learnt more about bacteria than ever before, not that I have become an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have learnt that many strains of bacteria become resistant and this is why we are getting “super bugs”.

Super bugs frighten me, if we can’t get rid of them will they eventually wipe out all human and animal life? How can I protect my children? How can we continue in this vain of killing all germs? Is there really a need to kill germs when cleaning?

More and more I am seeing articles in the media like how antibacterial products do us more harm than good, how pets are good for the immune system and anti-bacterial wipes pointless as bugs grow back in 20 minutes and it’s making me think that being too clean and using all those antibacterial cleaning products over the years has been pointless and actually detrimental to our health.

The reason I have started to question all this in the last few months is because I started working as a web designer for a company that brews probiotics aka good bacteria. I knew about the probiotics you drink for health because was I brew my own Kombucha and Kefir, but what I didn’t realise is that you can also use good bacteria to rebalance good and bad bacteria around your home as an eco-friendly alternative to antibacterial cleaners.

Instead of spraying antibacterial products and wiping you can apply good bacteria in the same way (in a spray) and instead of killing all germs (good and bad) what you are doing is adding more good germs to a surface to actually outnumber the bad. The good germs then eat the nutrients the bad would have lived off giving the bad no way of thriving. Because the good bacteria are active (alive) they go on working long after application (unlike antibacterial cleaners). You can even colonise your environment with them and with regular use these amazing good germs can actually help keep your house cleaner for longer and even help with allergies!!

I totally fell in love with the idea that germs could actually help me to keep my house clean. In one day I bought every single cleaning product from this company, went home and disposed (carefully) of all my antibacterial products and I have been using these new eco-friendly, good germ ones ever since. I haven’t looked back.

What I have experienced from using them is that when I use Power Cleaner not only does it smell lovely but my old wooden kitchen worktops that always seemed to have a sticky residue no matter what I used, now doesn’t. My toilet that sometimes got a bit stinky with 3 men in the house(!) doesn’t smells fresher for longer. My windows stay cleaner for longer. I use Healthy Habitats on my dog’s bed in between washes and that doesn’t stink anymore and I even spray Air and Fabric freshener on the damp smelly walls of my boot room (my house is 300 years old) and with weekly sprays that room doesn’t smell of damp anymore. I can’t say I have not seen long term benefits like this with previous cleaning products and their cleaning powers are just as good as other products I have used in the past. All these benefits and also knowing that what I am using isn’t harmful to my family, my pets, or the environment makes me feel good. I wouldn’t go back to using anything else.

By Lyndsay Moon
Web Designer for

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  1. Dene

    Fab easy to read description of what these products actually do – and so true – I wouldn’t use anything else now either!!


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