Herbal remedies for your pets

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Thinking of using herbal remedies for your pets?

Herbal remedies are a great way to care for your pets naturally. In nature animals will instinctively seek out the greens they need to maintain optimum health but with today’s conveniently packed pre-made animal foods some do not contain all of the nutritional benefits your pet needs and may have found in the wild – you have probably seen dogs and cats eat grass and grazing animals choosing to eat various plants other than grass.

The power of herbs is vast and varied but it can be trial and error finding the right one to see the benefits. That’s why we have 10 herbs that form the basis of all of our NutritionalBoosters and each herb has it’s own distinct effect. These herbs are combined and fermented.

Historically fermentation was used as a way of preserving foods but fermenting is becoming more and more fashionable and in the media due to the health benefits is provides. During the fermentation ‘good’ bacteria are produced (probiotics) and when consumed, these good bacteria contribute towards a healthy balanced gut which provides many health benefits all over the body for both human and animal.

herbal remedies to heal your petsNutritionBoosters are perfect as a daily tonic, after antibiotics and for elderly pets who need to increase weight gain. They are 100% natural and contain only organic and GM free herbs. We use molasses to give the NutritionBooster a taste animals will love, during the fermentation process all of the sugars are completely used up and the end product is sugar free. All our products are made with “live” good bacteria, they are not freeze dried.

Tell us what herbal remedies you use for your pets and the positive outcomes you have had.


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