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We offer a great opportunity to sell our pet probiotics and microbial cleaning products

Great reasons to become a Microbz for Pets partner

  • Improving human gut health trends regularly in the media, our probiotics provide the same benefits for animals as they do for humans.  The eco-friendly market for pet products is beginning to trend in the same fashion and pet owners are seeking to find similar products.
  • Owners want the same health benefits for their animals, saving them expensive trips to the vets and maintaining a happy healthy pet.
  • Our probiotic pet nutrition boosters are a unique product brewed on our farm in Wiltshire. They contain billions of active beneficial microbes that work immediately. Microbz products are easy to administer, unlike other probiotic products that are predominantly tablets or pastes, many of which do not contain active microbes due to the dehydration process.
  • Our microbial cleaning products offer a safe, effective and eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaners. UK pet owners are becoming more discerning about what cleaning products they can use safely around their pets and are looking for chemical free and eco-friendly options.
  • Our probiotic customers are extremely loyal to their pets and want the best for them.
  • We don’t stock in supermarket chains, allowing you as an independent partner to stand out from the supermarket chains and offer your customers a unique and sought after product.
  • We want to grow a network of partners from which we want our customers to buy. We will therefore never compete against stockists on price and where we sell directly from our website will always charge our recommended retail price (RRP).
  • We are always looking for businesses who share the same passion as us about pets and the planet and will actively encourage customers to seek out their local stockist.

We welcome enquiries from:

  • independent pet shops
  • country stores
  • farm shops
  • dog groomers
  • dog daycares/walkers
  • kennels and catteries
  • animal shelters and rescues
  • veterinary practices
  • online pet retailers

If you’d like to learn more about stocking our products and see our trade price list,
please get in touch.

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