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Don’t like the idea of using harsh chemical cleaners around your pets? Neither do we!  Microbz cleaners are 100% natural and safe to use around your pets.

We know that many cleaning products contain chemicals and when you have pets walking around the home, licking their paws etc… you need to be careful about what ingredients are in your cleaners as many can be toxic and harmful to your pets health. Chemical cleaners, many of which only work at the time of use, create un-natural sterile environments, leading to resistant microbes and super bugs.

Our natural cleaning products contain billions of friendly microbes that love to gobble up dirt and essential oils chosen for their cleaning powers and fresh fragrance. Because the microbes in our products are alive they go to work straight away re-balancing bacteria around your home. With continued use they can build up to help keep your home cleaner and smell downs for longer.

You can download a study on microbial cleaners vs chemical cleaners here. It shows surfaces cleaned with beneficial microbes was lower 24-48hrs after cleaning compared to surfaces cleaned with chemical cleaners.

probiotics for humans

Microbz for You

At they combine active, beneficial microbes in unique blends designed to benefit your health everyday.

Go to the microbz website here.

Microbz for Horses: probiotics & effective microorganisms for naturally healthy horses

Microbz for Horses

At they provide beneficial microbes designed to benefit horses, stables and paddocks.

Go to the microbz for horses website here.

Microbz for Farms: effective microorganisms for farming

Microbz for Farms

At they use beneficial microbes help to improve soil quality and reduce the need for fertilisers.

Go to the microbz for farms website here.

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