Support your cat’s well-being and balance

their habitats naturally 

View our range of 100% natural health products for cats and kittens that can maintain their wellbeing and balance the environment they live in, without the use of chemicals.

Here at Microbz we know that beneficial microbes can help restore the balance of good bacteria both inside your cat and outside in their home. We brew good, friendly, beneficial microbes (also known as probiotics) on our farm in Wiltshire and use them to create products for your cat’s health and to balance their environment.

Cat NutritionBooster is a tasty nutritional supplement packed full of beneficial microbes formulated to maintain your cat’s wellbeing. Add it into you cat’s food or water daily.

Cat BioFlex has all the nutritional qualities of our Cat NutritionBooster above plus 11 specially selected herbs to maintain joint health.

Healthy Habitats is a natural cleaning product that can be used safely around all your cat’s areas including their litter trays, to clean and keep smells down to a minimum. It’s packed full of beneficial microbes that love to gobble up dirt and reduce smells in and outside the home.

Ceramic Water Pipes can help to improve the quality of your cat’s water naturally. These amazing little pipes consist of clay which is fermented with beneficial microbes, giving the water a cleaner taste and helping to keep it fresher for longer.

All products can be purchased at 

Cat NutritionBooster

£12.95 – £15.95

Cat BioFlex

£13.95 – £16.95

Healthy Habitats

£13.95 – £41.95

Ceramic Water Pipes


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Microbz for You

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