Dog Nutrition Booster


We all know that good gut health is the key to a healthy life and it’s no different for your dog. Our Dog Nutrition Booster is as a tasty supplement for dogs and puppies, designed to maintain a glossy coat, good digestion, increased appetite and weight gain in older dogs.

The gut biome is the microbial life that exists in your dog’s gut and the majority of your dog’s immune system is based on the health of their digestive tract, as most pathogenic bacteria (bad microbes) are consumed via their food or water. Today many dog foods are highly processed and many, or all, of the natural beneficial microbes that your dog needs, have been removed.

Here at Microbz for Pets we know beneficial microbes are crucial for the health of your dog’s gut and there is an abundance of research showing what effect beneficial microbes have in boosting the immune system, not only within the gut, but throughout an animal’s body. Our Dog Nutrition Booster is formulated to support your dog’s well-being.

Made from Fermented Herb Extract (FHE) Dog Nutrition Booster contains billions of beneficial microbes and beneficial herbs.

Add to your dog’s food or water daily.

Typical cost:
Dog 500ml = 100 days at 5ml per day = 10p a day

Dog 1 Litre = 200 days at 5ml per day = 8p a day

Download your free information sheet here.  As with all natural remedies, effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Did you know? Giving your pet a probiotic can: Regulate digestion and overall health. Boost the immune system and vitality especially in older pets. Clear up skin conditions. Reduce allergy symptoms. Improve the temperament and nervousness of anxious pets. Prevent a variety or illnesses and disease.

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Hand brewed with love and water, sugar cane molasses, beneficial microbes and fermented herb extract. View safety data sheet here.  As with all natural remedies, effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.


Pour 5-10ml per day over wet or dry food during preparation and mix thoroughly. You can also add 5-10ml per day to your pet’s drinking water.


Keep at room temperature, out of sunlight and do not drink.


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